Do You Know of any Banks that Offer Gold Money Savings Accts?

gold nuggetA few Countries that are aware of the true value of gold have Banks that offer them to clients, however, saving in gold money is generally not common. These Banks allow people to buy gold bars, usually smaller bars such as grams, over a period of time, to slowly amass a large amount of gold. Although it’s common for people to say they are “buying gold” basically they are just converting fiat currency into gold money, the only true money. Did you know that there is a unique method which allows people to acquire 999.9% 24kt bullion for free? These accounts can be set up for adults and minors, in fact every member of the family can have a Personal and Business acct. (if they own a Business). Businesses even get a little free advertising by registering for free with the k-Exchange. Once set up, it’s possible to build up your gold holdings every month with no further out of pocket expense. Delivery is reasonable & secure storage is free. You’ll be surprised how quickly these 1 – 5 gram small gold bars of 999.9% pure 24kt gold, the only true “gold money”, can add up to gold ounces… even kilos of gold. For more info, Click Here.


How Much Interest Can You Earn from Bank Accounts These Days?

.Not much! I’m looking at Bank of America’s rates right now & they range from 0.01% to 0.15%, that’s including all their products… business, personal & long-term CD’s. Anything over a million in their Business Invest acct earns a whopping 0.02%! What’s even worse is that most Countries currencies are losing purchasing power, so at those rates, and after adding in any bank fees, you won’t even break even over time, let alone make any money. However, there is a better way to save. It’s private, not controlled by any Banks or Governments, and hundreds of thousand’s of people around the world are actually “buying” these gold bars at no out of pocket expense.
With KaratBars Gold Savings Plans, you simply exchange small amounts of paper money for Gold money each month to help reduce the effects of inflation. As little as 50 Euro saved evey month can add up to big Gold Savings! In just 10 years, that small monthly amount would give you 11 OUNCES of Gold

Gold was one of the top-performing assets in 2011, and has outperformed every asset class since 1969. Gold Bullion posted a gain of almost 10 percent for 2011, which was it’s smallest annual rise in three years. Analysts feel a rebound rally is possible in the near term, and that gold is far from retesting all-time highs.


Karatbars, is a category creator of private global currency (GOLD MONEY), in small more transaction friendly weights, so that it is affordable to everyone. China has recently followed our lead, offering Gram Gold accts. to their Citizens. This recent article below, describes how Chinese Citizens are starting Gram Gold Savings accounts in their childrens names, to build up a wealth of Gold for their use when they become adults.

Chinese Banks Promote Retail Gold Sales

By Rujun Shen

January 19, 2012 9:33 AM EST

(REUTERS) — For Chinese shipping executive Ping Bo buying gold is the best way to protect his family’s wealth and give his 10-year-old son a headstart into adulthood.

“For my son, the idea is that he will get a nice stash of gold that he can cash out when he turns 21 or when he gets married,” said Ping, one of over 2 million people that have opened accounts in the past two years to accumulate gold at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).

The accounts are one of a range of methods that China’s banks have come up with that allow small investors like Ping access to the gold market.

Investors buy as little as a gram a month through the accounts, a tiny quantity but one that adds up when the middle class of the world’s most populous country is involved.

“It’s a fantastic way for me to accumulate gold,” said Shanghai-based Ping.

ICBC’s accounts drew 2.33 million investors by the end of November, according to the bank, just 19 months after the launch, with 22 tons of gold held to back them.

Agricultural Bank of China said that for a similar product launched in September, more than 70,000 clients signed up to buy a minimum of one gram of gold per month.

“The product will retain its vitality as long as the demand for physical gold investment keeps growing,” said the bank in a written reply to a Reuters enquiry.

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Your KaratBars Gold Savings Account is convenient and flexible, to suit your needs. You’ll have an Online Back Office very similar to any regular Online Bank Acct., where you can change your monthly savings amount, add an additional one-time-exchange, sell back gold (withdraw) or if for any reason you simply don’t have the money that month, you can suspend your monthly gold exchange for up to 12 months.

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