Gold bullion cards by KaratBars International GmbH are 999.9% 24Kt gold bullion in small denominations in the form of gold cards, coin encased grams and their newest Cash Gold. They are all manufactured to meet Karatbars highest quality standards of workmanship, and include a number of security features.

Karatbars gold features a hologram, and as long as the hologram remains intact, the owner does not have the burden to prove the gold has not been altered or manipulated. If the gold does not have this feature and you need to liquidate, then the burden is on you to find an assayer to assay the gold and prove fineness, purity and weight all over again. The process is not only costly but also time consuming. If you need to liquidate do you really want to wait for the process to be done before you get your much needed cash?

KaratBars 1, 2.5 & 5 gram Gold Cards are tamper-proof sealed and laminated with UV protection film, and include:

  • The two-sided card with a signed certificate, and serial number
  •  Assayer’s Certified LBMA stamp and valid trademark
  •  Unique DNA technology viewable with ultra violet light

KaratBars Gold Collector Cards

Gold is a sought-after collector’s item for thousands of years. But gold in the form of collector cards that can be found worldwide are still very rare. You’ll now have the opportunity to acquire Gold Collector Cards from limited editions. We will be offering different editions with very interesting subjects.

We want to revolutionize the market, and over the next several months KaratBars International will produce limited editions to give you an incentive to look at gold from a different angle.

Orders are now being taken for our first edition, which is the collector’s card, “Pope John Paul II” with a circulation of only 100,000. Limited edition Collectors items can dramatically increase in value.

Click Here to Order your Pope John Paul II Gold Cards Today!

Which Editions Will Follow in the Coming Years?

  • Country Maps – Cards in Your Country’s colors with map
  • Event Cards – Birthday, Anniversary, Merry Christmas, ect.
  • Cards of Famous People, Sports stars, events & Places
  • and More!

All limited editions are to be produced only in small numbers. Since these cards usually require a license to produce, and the production is limited, the price will usually differ from the regular Gold card.


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