Karatbars gold gramsGold is known worldwide as an excellent hedge against inflation. Gold coins, gold stocks and ETF’s, gold bullion… all favorites of the world’s most rich individuals. The cost of an ounce of gold or gold coins is beyond many average person’s budget, making smaller affordable grams of gold an excellent way to aquire gold. Making regular cash exchanges into Gold is a little secret of the rich, that can be used by everyone for building up a sizeable gold portfolio. Even if it is only a small amount each month it is surprising how quickly that small amount can become a substantial gold savings. Grams of gold are easy to store, and much easier to cash in, barter with, etc. than larger bullion or coins. Several tamper-proof Security features protect your Karatbars gold cards, while larger gold bullion is not secure and tamper-proof.

“Everyone should buy some gold every month, regularly, in order to secure their finances.”
  ~ Marc Faber ~

Monetary or LBMA gold bullion in small 1 gram to 5 gram denominations are the perfect form of protection from volatile economic times, and can provide a hedge against currency devaluations while preserving your ability to purchase much needed items. This gold money bullion in smaller units can be used worldwide as an exchange for goods or services. Grams of Gold can easily be carried with you, even when traveling and then sold, bartered, or traded into other values, or goods as needed, which would be much more difficult to do with ounces. or larger units of gold.

Gold’s value has been recognized for thousands of years, and it has been used as payment in 194 countries around the world. Doug Casey of Casey Research points out that according to Aristotle’s definition of Good Money, Gold will always remain the best form of money. In his words: “Gold is Uniquely Suitable for Use as Money”.

KaratBars now has thousands of merchants around the world that accept their gram Gold Cards through their K-Exchange program. From the K-Exchange website, you can search the database by country to find Merchants that accept KaratBar Gold to make direct purchases, using the listed Gold value for that day. A Phone App is being developed to make your gold transfers and purchases more convenient for on the go shopping, dining, or as payment for other services by K-exchange members.

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