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  • Monthly, weekly, or One-Time cash to Gold Exchanges as desired
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Optional Affiliate Program Includes all the above Features, Plus:
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  • 5 Streams of Monthly Income possible, including 2 Global Pools
  • Fast Start incentive – to “jump start” your earnings
  • No Minimum purchase/delivery – can have just 1 gold Card delivered
  • Commissions loaded onto International Master Card weekly and/or monthly


Karatbars International is the only in the Precious Metals Company at this time, that can produce and deliver gold to this many Countries, and they are continuing to expand Worldwide! You’ll find our Affiliate System incredibly easy to follow, since you only need 2 key people to earn substantial cash and/or gold. Karatbars optional Dual Compensation Plan, is the fastest way to earning big bucks with Karatbars! You can even register your Business with the K-Exchange, Gold Merchant Exchange. Get free advertising for your Business by registering to accept Karatbars Gold as a payment from your Customers!



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As more and more people choose our practical and affordable way to take control of their finances they can finally have a way to help free themselves from the present corrupt fiat money and banking systems.

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