Tremendous Global and Product Growth Over the Past 5 Years!

Karatbars OfficesWorldwide growth to over 130 Countries…

Since joining in August 2010, I have witnessed first-hand the phenomenal growth of Karatbars International! They’ve grown from 2 products, available in just a few Countries in Europe back then, to many products and Worldwide sales and delivery to over 130 Countries now. Pictured at left is their new offices in Stuttgart Germany. Karatbars vision is to make the security of owning Gold as an asset, affordable to everyone. Best of all, with Karatbars Affiliate program, “affordable” can mean no out-of-pocket expense! They have enabled me be to be acquiring “free” gold for several years now… you can too by joining today as an Affiliate.

 Company Achievements:
  • Exclusive use of only LBMA ACCREDITED Refineries for their gold
  • New TRADEMARK BRANDED Company Name of Karatbars International
  • New OFFICE / SHIPPING Facilities
Karatbars International Gold Savings Plans were first created under the name KB Gold by a 18 yr Financial Managment Firm to help their investors create Flexible Unique Savings Plans and Increase their Wealth. Starting in Europe in 2008, their Gold Savings Plans became so popular, a Worlwidwide launch was soon underway. A wirlwind of advancements followed in 2011, with their Global Web Portal for managing Gold Accounts and referring new Members, use of LBMA Refineries, Trademarking the name KaratBars, and new expanded Stuttgart Office with on-site Shipping facility. Your Gold Storage in Germany is free for everyone, regardless of your amount of gold.


Private Referral Only Gold Business

Karatbars is a Private Referral Only Gold Business

Why “Private”? Karatbars has chosen to allow their Referring Partners to share in the profits. They sell their Gold and other products through their Affiliate program, much like Amazon allows Affiliates to earn income on product purchases. This is why everyone needs to be “Referred” to the Company by another Affiliate. It’s completely FREE to join… no setup or monthly maintenance fees ever, and a Back office for secure purchasing plus 4 different websites are included for all Affiliates. What’s REALLY Awesome is that multiple family members can join! Example: a husband & wife… One refers the other AND makes money from their spouse’s purchases and/or from anyone in the spouse’s referred group that does so – to infinity!

Upcoming Events:

K-Exchange – Register Your Business NOW!
KaratBars International is accepting Merchants into their new Global Gold Exchange Commerce Site, K-Exchange – the world’s first International Gold Money Merchant Market Place. As a Registered K-Exchange Business, you’ll be able to accept KaratBars GOLD as a form of payment for your goods and services… Online or for Point of Sale Purchases.PROTECT YOUR SAVINGS FROM INFLATION AND HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME. Get involved as a CUSTOMER, a MERCHANT and/or an AFFILIATE and Help Spread the Word About KaratBars International.

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Join Karatbars Now!

It’s completely free, and there is no monetary obligation, ever.